"Parigo" translates from Esperanto, the international language developed in the 1940's, to "pairing." At Parigo, we begin with a wine list and create dishes to pair with the wines, instead of the more traditional reverse approach. We feel this showcases our wines, allowing them to shine alongside dishes that are their perfect pairings.

Wine Director Sarah Trubnick has created an international list of unique, delicious wines, which Executive Chef Manuel Hewitt and Chef de Cuisine Danny Murcia use as a base to dream up dishes. Together they craft a menu that is truly unique, each dish listed with the four wines (two complements, two contrasts) that were its inspiration.

Experience wine and food pairing in an entirely new way through our menu at Parigo!

Brunch: Saturday & Sunday 11am-3pm
Dinner: Tuesday through Saturday 5pm-10:30pm